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Your Internet & Social Success Simplified ...

Our Mission is to Make Your Mission a Reality ... the difference is our unique blend of experiences, our established social network and system of content distribution. The difference is in "how" we do what we do for you.

Through strategic planning, execution of essential tasks with simplified proven Internet Marketing systems we do what it takes, in the trenches day by day, to provide you
with uniquely branded Social Media Services and Solutions.


Summary of Services -

  • 20+ Years Experience for Individual Brands, Businesses and Start-Ups 
  • 10   Years Social Media Marketing and Management.
  •   7   Years Building Online Communities. 

Consulting and Coaching -

  • Brand Creation, Strategic Development, & Marketing Consulting
  • Business Development Consulting and Coaching
  • Content Development, Distribution and Monetization 
  • Industries Served - Business, Internet Business, Event Marketing, Writers and Authors Branding and Book Marketing, Travel, Medical, Non-Profits, Wellness and Nutrition, Technical and Remote Work Industry.
  • Internet Advertising, PR and Digital Marketing Consulting
  • Internet Business Development and Strategic Alliance Consulting
  • Social Media Consulting - How to Develop Audience and Brand Influence 
  • Hashtag Marketing Campaigns
  • Community Building

Planning -

  • Mission Statement Development
  • Unique Brand & Business Model Plans - ask about "Happy Meal Marketing"
  • Personal Branding Plans
  • Business Brand Creation & Plans
  • Marketing & Public Relations Plans
  • Funding or Venture Capital Plans
  • Business Start-Ups Plans
  • Non-Profit Plans and Development
  • Internet Marketing Plans
  • Social Media Plans

Digital Marketing Services -

  • Internet Marketing 
  • Public Relations - Press Release Creation & Distribution
  • YouTube Channel Creation & Marketing
  • Twitter - Follow and Content Management & Marketing
  • Facebook - Audience and Content Management
  • Social Media Community Development and Marketing
  • Hashtag Marketing Campaigns

Twitter Specialist - 

When you seek a Twitter Marketing Company ask them to show you how many followers and community reach that they have built. You cant build promotions, enough exposure to bring you leads or sales without being able to "reach" the right quantity and target audience. We have proven system of building your Audience, Brand Influence and Community on Twitter.

Our uniqueness is that we can share your brand or business in our 10 year established
Influencer Networks reaching millions weekly.

Top Twitter Accounts -









Please note these are just a few examples of Social Media accounts.  
We have many clients that are confidential. However we can provide
references upon request.


  HashTag Social Communities Established by Rock Christopher Agency

    #SuccessTRAIN - #BusinessMonday Hosted Event 11AM to 7PM EST

    Rock Christopher Founder of #SuccessTRAIN


    #JoYTrain         - Tuesday Hosted Event 11AM to 7PM EST    

    #JoYTrain           Co-Founder with @KariJoys see


Social Media Accomplishments -

@RockChristopher Social Media Influencer

  • @RockChristopher Kred - Influence Score is 994 and Outreach is 11  
  • Content Marketing Distribution - We have a scalable system of posting 1700+
    Social Media Post weekly. 

  • The top VIP Influencer followers that are interacting daily with our accounts
    are followed by over 30 Million followers

  • Quality Content Shared - 2021 @RockChristopher is ranked by for number of  Retweets in the top 1% of Twitter 
    with a reported 99.11% shared or retweet rate.

  • #SuccessTRAIN Leadership and Influencers Alliance on Twitter has a
    weekly average social reach of 100+ million for the past two years. 
    #SuccessTRAIN is a Global Social Media Community created and
    managed by Rock Christopher Agency. 

  • #SuccessTRAIN reaches millions weekly.

     See Example Reach Report for #SuccessTRAIN - -
     > 100+ Million Reach Weekly