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About Rock Christopher


What's in a Brand Name? 

Rock Christopher Agency is named for "Rock" Christopher Paul.
(Rock is my real life nickname.) 

When I created my first social media account on 
Twitter the username was limited by space, so the 
Rock Christopher username fit. I also wanted to use the same exact brand name in every social media network possible. My other consideration was creating a unique and exclusive brand name. 

For example, I did not want to compete or conflict on Twitter with any other high profile brand name like the famous basketball player Chris Paul. Additionally, I am writing a book and once again decided that this was an author’s brand name that I liked the best for several reasons.

For one, I thought the Rock Christopher would be more memorable and have more impact.

For all these reasons and a few others, the strategic decision was made and the
"Rock Christopher" brand was born.

My point in sharing all of this is to give you an example of the importance of thinking strategically when developing your brand name. It is critical to not only develop and employ a name that is available as a domain name and as a username in social media, but also one that gives you the image that your start-up, business, project, product, or personal brand needs to be entirely unique and exclusive. I bought the domain name the day I registered @RockChristopher on Twitter, which gave me an additional exclusivity with that brand name.  

If you have a start-up business or project that you need to name, my consulting and planning services can help you create and capture a name that not only correctly identifies who you are, but we will also provide this same type of thoughtful analysis, preparation, and development to help you capture a truly unique and effective brand name and image. 

On an important personal note ...  

The main reasons I chose the content and theme (Personal and Business Motivation, Inspiration, & Encouragements) of @RockChristopher on twitter were personal ones. 

In addition to wanting to create and build a brand name, build a proven social media system, and understand the best practices of building quality content and a Twitter account, I had arrived at a point in life where, as Steve Job's said, "I wanted to put a ding in the universe."

In recent years I had personal family matters that made me rethink what was of the most critical importance in my life and work.  I had many family deaths in a short period of 5 years: a close cousin, my father, mother, most of my aunts and uncles, and a few very close friends passed away. 

Why do I bring this up here? 

I do so because during these challenging years I was fortunate in being able to work less hours due to the type of successful business I had developed online, and I was able to manage more time with my family when they were going through long-term illnesses. I was blessed to have a business that allowed me the maximum amount of time with them. However, this caused a slight hiatus in my online business development as I spent less time than normal working during those years. Though my online business slowed down during this period, I would not trade those days spent with my family for any amount of money or success!  

More importantly, I had a life-changing realization during those days of family care and then the process of grieving; my realization was that life is in fact very fragile, short, and precious. So when I started working on building the brand Rock Christopher I decided to make the @RockChristopher twitter project one that would motivate, encourage, and help people, charities, and businesses. 

As a result of this journey I am completely committed to helping people and business leaders define their mission and build purpose driven projects and businesses.

I wanted the @RockChristopher twitter account to be a place where I could always communicate values and things that really mattered to inspire and impact the lives of others. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of people and encourage them to care enough to make a difference in the lives of others.

In addition to @RockChristopher I created a number of other niche Twitter accounts enabling me to focus on different aspects of my business experience, in order to help others (most of which have matching domain names and are being considered as future web or blog projects).  


 Achievements of 'Rock'  Christopher Paul

  • Account Executive for Addy Award Winning Team 4A Advertising Agencies
  • Founder & CEO of the Florida Computer & Business Tradeshow
  • Recipient of Four State Southern Public Relations Award
  • Awarded “Boss of the Year” from Governor of the State of Florida
  • 10+ Years Experience - Internet Business, Marketing, & Social Media 
  • Nominated for numerous Twitter Shorty Awards in past two years
  • Finalist in Social Media Shorty Award Category for #KeepGoodGoing"
  • Twitter Marketing & Management Specialist
  • Top 1% Social Media Influencer - and Klear
  • Combined accounts - Social Media VIP Network developed in the past two years 
    has over 30 Million Followers
  • Quality Content Shared - 04/07/2020- @RockChristopher is ranked by for number of 
    Retweets in the top 1% of Twitter with a reported 99.11% shared or retweet rate.
  • Reports an average Weekly Audience Reach of 200+ Million Reach each week
    since May of 2014 on #SuccessTRAIN Leadership and Influencer Community Founded by Rock Christopher
  • Creator & Founder of numerous developing Social Media Brands including  
    @NetVentures @RockChristopher @MySocialSuccess @WritersNetGuide & @RockSolidAdvice
  • Founder of the social good #HopeTrain Community (to be launched in 2020)
  • Co-Founder of Online Community known as #JoYTrain has a global reach of
    118 Million People in 81 Countries within the first 60 days. In October of 2019

    reported a global reach of over 295 Million including Twitter and Instagram.


'Rock' Christopher Paul  Background - 

 Experience - 20+ Years

 Brand, Internet Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, and Social Media,
 - Planner, Strategist, and Developer. Focused on Brand and Social Community Building.

1. Advertising and Public Relations Agencies - 10 Years - including:

- Public Relations Agency - Winner of four state Public Relations Award.

- Addy Award Winning 4A Advertising Agency

   Account Executive - National Accounts - 
   Clients included Sealtist /Kraft Foods, National Grocery Chain -2300 Stores,
   Tourism Board of Guatemala, National Wickes Furniture, & Ford Dealerships
   of the South.

-  Event Promotion Advertising Agency that promoted and managed
   Events,Tradeshows, and Conferences and was the Advertising Agency for the
   City of Jacksonville, Florida. In this agency I founded and became the
   President of a Computer Tradeshow subsidiary company for 3 years.

2. Business and Marketing Plan Writer with Venture Capital Companies
    and served as President/CEO of various companies.

     Because of being the CEO of two small start-up ventures I not only understand
     Marketing and Internet Marketing, but I understand and have experienced
     the life cycle of "business start-ups and development through sale" 

     or exactly what makes a company profitable, grow, and valuable long-term. 

3. INTERNET Business & Marketing / Social Media Strategist, Planner,
    and Marketer

    The first business plan in the Internet Industry that I wrote was for an Internet
    start-up company that gained the target capital. Then I became a part owner and

    Director of Internet Marketing for that company.

    After that time I founded my own Internet Marketing Agency focused on
    Internet Business and Marketing Development. This agency is now the
    Rock Christopher Agency.

    I have a unique blend of intense experiences in all aspects of Marketing,
    Advertising, Public Relations, and start-ups development with a specialization
    in Internet Marketing, and Social Media Management & Marketing.

The last three years the focus has been on Social Media Management & Marketing offering a top hat customized confidential service specifically building brand, credibility, audience, and business development.

Our goal is to never let your clients or potential audience know you are being managed by a service like ours. We come to know your business so well that we are a seamless extension of You in Social Media messaging, targeted follow management, engagement, posting, and marketing. 

Work history - 

Intense and in-depth work history includes actual task performed in
the last 
10 years:

- Marketing Consulting - All all aspects of online and offline marketing
- Internet Company or Project Planning
- Internet Business Start-Ups
- Creating Brand awareness and marketing new companies and products.
- Internet Brand Creation and Development 
- Internet Income Streams and Income Partner Alliances development 
- Affiliate Partner Program Development and Marketing
- Internet Marketing Plans
- Online Marketing Campaigns
- Create Strategic Advertising Promotions
- Internet Advertising Campaigns
- Copywriting - Ads & Website Content Writing, 
- Online Advertising Scheduling, Posting, Executing, and Reporting
- Internet Public Relations Campaigns
- Print Concept, Production, Consulting and Project Management
- Direct Mail Campaigns
- Website SEO and Marketing Optimization Analysis
- All aspects of SEO 
- Search Engine Optimization
- Paid Internet Media
- SMO (Social Marketing Optimization)
- Blogs development 
- YouTube Channel Creation, SEO and Promotion
- Local Internet Advertising Campaigns that Enhance Google Ranking
-- New Business Launch with Essential Online Directory Listings
- Developing Strategic Partner Internet Marketing & Business Alliances
- Link Population 
- Franchise growth franchise support,management, marketing, 
  and lead development
- Non-Profit Organization Internet Marketing & Social Media Plans
- Marketing pages and website development and project management
- Social Media Branding and Marketing Plans
- Social Media Management & Marketing Services

- Instagram Management and Marketing
- Twitter
Management and Marketing - Building - Audience - Brands - Content - Communities
- Hashtag Marketing Campaigns 
Social Community Builder

The Team - 


I have had the distinct privilege of working both independently and as a part of an outside team while working with our client's in-house staff and/or with a diverse group of amazing people who have worked as subcontractors or in strategic alliances with me over the years.

The good news is we have developed a remarkable group of people that are ready and experienced to support just about any project, small or large as outlined under our services. Some of our team have worked with us for over 10 years.

They are highly qualified, reliable, and determined to accomplish the objectives of each of our client’s projects. We have a scalable system for Internet Advertising, Directory Listings, Press Release, and Social Media postings that also makes us very competitive and, again, able to complete just about any size project within a reasonable timeline.


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